Marinus Post

Hemke van der Zwaag

Last photo of Johannes and Dien together,
taken in Rijnsburg 1944


The resistance of  Johannes and Marinus Post

In the Police Gazette of August 1st 1943, Johannes Post is requested to be located and detained. The following day, there is a special edetion of the Police Gazette with a request for the arrest of Marinus Post. Marinus’ farm in Kampen has already been raided. He was able to flee, but his wife and children were taken to the police station. A few days later, his farm burns to the ground. Johannes has been warned and leaves just in time.

Johannes and Marinus go into hiding at the same time. Johannes stays in the vicinity of his village, Nieuwlande. But when the net closes in, he decides to go west. In the autumn of 1943 he transferres his work; Arnold Douwes and Max Léons take over the hiding network, Hemke van der Zwaag takes care of the armed resistance group.