Annual plan 2019

In 2019 we shall continue working with energy and enthusiasm to reach our goals. We will constructively continue our collaboration with Camp Westerbork and the Dutch Heather Society/Arcadis . Hopefully the continuing negotiations with Hoogeveen Council regarding accommodation will be settled in our favour.
We shall continue to attend relevant workshops offered by the Platform for Museums in Drenthe, since there is still much to be learned in the field of museums and feel privileged with such an active platform in our province.

The board is searching for new members. Activities are increasing due to rapid developments. Expertise in financial and organising areas is particularly welcome now that the council, the KNHM and others see potential of the museum plan. With permanent accommodation in the Hoeksteen, alterations will be necessary which will require substantial financing which we will have to seek.

This year one large exhibition will again be set up. In addition, smaller exhibitions will be presented which link to current events or times if the year.
The touch screen table will be provided with relevant information and it is our intention to complete this work in April with the aid of granted subsidies.
The digitalisation and control of the Schonewille collection and our own collection will be continued , so that the whole collection will be accessible.
This year we will continue interviewing elderly villagers. A video team has been set up which will be active in the completion of the touch screen table and video material. For this task, the team will be trained and instructed by a specialist.

We aim to increase the number of museum visits from 2,500 to 3,000, groups from 13 to 20, school classes from 3 to 15.
There will be 6 children´s programmes, divided over the various school holidays.
A team will be formed to attend to marketing and PR, so that use can be made of the various media.
Schools and other groups will be pro/actively approached. Where possible, we will create links with events such as cycle tours and memorial events. Our own events will be increased. The cycle tours between Wemme in Zuidwolde and De Duikelaar in Nieuwlande will again be offered but our own Duikelaar route will be actively supported. Furthermore we will be offering themed meetings and lectures.