At the beginning of January is has become clear to us that church has not been awarded to the village nor the Foundation. We plan to now get in touch with the council of Hoogeveen. Together we will try to find a solution for the housing problem. We plan to temporarily rent an empty schoolroom from what was previously primary school “De Hoeksteen”. The space we have is not only limited but also too limiting (we can e.g. not paint or drill) to stay there for a prolonged time. On top of that we will have to leave the building once it is sold to a third party.

The first exhibit is planned for halfway March. An impression will be given of Nieuwlande before 1940. What did the village look like, how did it originate, what was the infrastructure, who lived there? This will be partly exhibited. Future exhibitions will show the wartime existence and the people who played a role in it. In this way, the museum will be furnished completely in a course of a number of years.

Besides this we will work on the collection Schonewille. It will be moved from the farmhouse to the school, cleaned and digitalised. Only a part of the collection will be exhibited at any given time due to the space constraints.

At the end of December 2017 we received notice from the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij, stating that our work on the collection Schonewille was elected as one the projects for 2018. This means we will have money to purchase materials like storage boxes and fire resistant closets as well as professional advice on restoration, conservation and digitalisation of materials throughout the year.

For all the work coming up we will be looking for volunteers and interns. The workload is too large for the Board to complete in a reasonable time and besides that the museum is meant to be by the villagers and for the village.

The interviews with the elderly that started in 2017 will be continued as much as possible. Also, videos will be edited and prepared for showing. A new name is added to the list of names we have regularly.

The schools in Nieuwlande but also those in the direct surroundings will be contacted and invited for a visit to the museum and/or on a tour through the village. The already existing bi-annual puzzle-tour for primary schools in Nieuwlande will be extended to a yearly tour and schools from the vicinity will also be invited to participate.

 We are now looking for interactive means and financing of this tour to distribute knowledge to the youth in an interesting/interactive way.

Youth ambassadors
Young people will be involved in the furnishing of the exhibition and in motivating peers. What makes a museum interesting? What kind of information do they want to receive? Youngsters can actively help us in promoting the museum. It is our intention to expand the group of Youth ambassadors.

To finance the museum, we will look for a variety of sources:
– structural subsidies
– gifts and donations
– entrance fees. As long as the space is limited, a fee of 3 Euro per person is requested, children until18 years for free. For guided tours through the village a fee of 3 Euro is applicable
– sale of coffee/tea, cycling routes and some other small items
– actively attracting visitors by means of advertisements and flyers