75 Years liberation 2.0

This summer (April till September)  you can visit our temporary exhibition 75 years liberation 2.0. In this exhibition you can see an original ‘National Liberation Skirt’. ‘Liberation skirts’, also known as ‘Celebration skirts’ were an initiative of Mies Boissevain – Van Lennep, a Jewis resistance woman who survived the war. At her initiative hundreds of woman made colorful skirts out of little pieces of used fabric. The skirts were embroidered with dates and names that were special for the maker.

In between lockdowns the museum organized a ‘Celebration garment’ workshop. Five women designed and made their own garments, celebrating their live, the museum, liberty or their friends. Just like the originals these garments are made of re-used pieces of fabric and all are embroidered. These five garments are part of the exhibition.